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1608-2008   400 Years Celebration


2008 was a significant year in the history of secondary education in Maldon. A grammar school was founded in Maldon in 1608 after Ralph Breeder left a bequest in his will and 2008 is therefore the 400th anniversary of continuous secondary education in Maldon. The first Grammar School was installed in cottages in Spital Road , shown here. In addition, 2007 was also the 100th birthday of the grammar school part of the Fambridge Road site which was opened on the 28 September 1907.




The Class reunion initiative 1999


Former pupils from the intake year of 1958 decided to track everyone in their school ‘family’. Avril Norton (nee Horton) and Denis Filbey went to extraordinary lengths to get contact details for most of the group. Obviously the girls who had married and changed their surname were hardest to find but many have joined the reunion ‘club’ . Only a few people have declined the contact from the ‘Grey Maldonians’ but we have had a good handful of enquiries from other years. The year which followed us has also made great efforts to maintain a ‘club’ under the co-ordinating enthusiasm of Ann Simpson.


The first reunion proper was organised by Judy Balls and Avril Holden with Denis Filby doing the tracing work. If you look at the Class Register you will see some names with an asterisk which indicates that we could not trace this classmate.  If you have any info please let us know.



Other years


The Grey Maldonians were set up in 1999 for a single stream from 1958 to 1965. That is those pupils who joined in the first form in 1958 and left the Upper Sixth in 1965. Anyone who joined that stream, or left that stream in the intervening years would be eligible to join us. Therefore just joining say the school in 1963 would not qualify unless the pupil joined the 5th year.  If this sounds too complicated, the qualification is 1st year 1958, second year 1959………..5th year 1963…….upper sixth 1965.


For others years wanting to join this website, the format of our web pages can be duplicated to allow other Grammar School pupils to have their own archive and contact point.  (Please contact us via the website form.) How each year-stream uses their part of the site will be up to them but at least we will have everyone in one place. Anyone interested in starting up an interest group should contact Neil Morley via the website. Needless to say we will have a contact page to ‘park’ enquirers until friends gather round and make a contact group viable. The proposal is that the main features of the site will be a repository of all archive material. This will consist of photos, documents exam papers and copies of the old school magazine. It will also be the first place to look for news of people and events. There will also be a bulletin board to make contact via Neil Morley with fellow former pupils of any year-stream. Direct contact will not be permitted (data protection rules) but Neil Morley will initiate a link if the recipient agrees.



Reunion Group

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